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Academic Standards and Assessment Committee

Meeting Dates

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this committee was formerly the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment (SLOA) Committee


  1. Review and/or recommend policies on academic standards such as, grading, course or semester forgiveness, academic dishonesty, student retention, persistence, and completion.
  2. Review and/or recommend the academic and summer school calendars.
  3. Support and represent faculty with assessing existing courses, disciplines, and programs.
  4. Provide policy guidance on course, discipline, and program level student learning outcomes and assessment issues.
  5. Establish and/or review the evaluation process for the Program Unit Review in conjunction with the Associate Dean of Assessment.
  6. Evaluate Program Unit Reviews in conjunction with the Associate Dean of Assessment.
  7. Evaluate course, discipline, and program level assessment processes, and make recommendations as needed.
  8. Establish processes for the assessment of general education and diversity courses, and conduct regular assessments.
  9. Communicate with the Associate Dean of Assessment and Planning in order to coordinate assessment issues.
  10. Review and make recommendations on other topics as assigned by the Faculty Senate Chair, the Faculty Senate Executive Board, or the Faculty Senate Body.


Jinger Doe

Committee Members

Sam Byington, Cheryl Cardoza, Tara Connolly, Kristin Demay, Melissa Deadmond, Ana Douglas , John Fitzsimmons, Meeghan Gray, Mark Maynard, John Reddick-Lau, Sharif Rumjahn, Stephanie Walden, Karen Wikander

Meeting Minutes