Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability Office

You Are Welcome Here!

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The TMCC Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability Office leads efforts to make sure that during your time at the College, you are part of an inclusionary environment that honors diversity and integration. We also respect planning ahead for a sustainable future, and lead efforts towards our Core Value of stewarding our resources through conservation, education and healthy living choices.

Goals and Commitments

The Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability Office pledges to address, work with and uphold the following goals and commitments:

  • To build and maintain a non-discriminatory environment in all facets of TMCC's programs as they relate to all members at TMCC including faculty, staff and students;
  • To assist in developing a diverse workforce, through outreach and affirmative action efforts, that reflects a demographic distribution in the service area, with regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status and age;
  • To coordinate with and assist TMCC's Human Resources Office in developing policies and procedures that will ensure diversified recruitment for the hiring of faculty, staff and professionals;
  • To work with TMCC's faculty and staff to facilitate the integration of diversity content into the curricula;
  • To provide leadership and direction in advocating, facilitating, supporting and coordinating the development and delivery of College-wide programs that encompass academic and non-academic initiatives and co-curricular programs on issues of access, equity and inclusion initiatives;
  • To provide support to TMCC's enrollment management, recruitment and retention support efforts;
  • To provide direction in establishing and maintaining a clearinghouse of information and resources on issues of access, equity and inclusion and services to faculty, staff and students;
  • To represent TMCC in the community at large in promoting and disseminating TMCC's commitment to equal opportunity, equity and inclusion at all levels of operations.