TMCC Strategic Master Plan

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TMCC’s Strategic Master Plan (SMP) sets the overarching goals and directions for the College. The plan is intended to guide the college’s strategic decisions and allocation of resources. Individual departments and units develop their own more focused strategic plans that align with the SMP.

Our current SMP, which aligns with accreditation standards, was approved by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents in March 2021 and will serve as our institutional guide through 2027. It states the college’s mission, vision and values. It also lists the institution's goals and objectives, as well as key performance indicators that will be used to measure progress toward those goals and fulfillment of our mission.

TMCC’s Planning Council periodically reviews the SMP and its key performance indicators to determine where we are meeting our goals and where we need improvement to establish planning priorities for the College.

Current Strategic Master Plan

Annual Progress Dashboard

View our Strategic Master Plan Annual Progress Dashboard where key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to measure TMCC’s progress towards fulfilling the goals and objectives within our Strategic Master Plan and our college mission.

Archived Master Plans