TMCC is offering in-person classes and services, masks are required for all individuals. Students who plan to enroll in the Spring 2022 Semester must be fully vaccinated. For more information, visit


Steps to Enroll at TMCC

Your first step at TMCC is to review the Steps to Enroll based on your student type below.

New Degree Seeking Student Transfer Students Returning Students Non-Degree Seeking Student Military/Veteran Student High School Student International Student

Student Types

New Degree-Seeking Student

You are seeking a degree and have never been to college, including TMCC.

Transfer Student

You have never been to TMCC, but have completed credits at another college or university.

Wizard with Students

Returning Student

You are a previous TMCC student who stopped taking classes for at least two years and are returning.

Non Degree-Seeking Student/Personal Interest

You are not seeking a degree but are interested in taking a few classes for personal enrichment or career skills enhancement; you will not be eligible for financial aid.

Military/Veteran Student

You are a new or returning TMCC student, currently or previously active in the armed forces.

High School Student

You are currently enrolled in high school and wish to enroll in one of TMCC's signature programs for high school students.

International Student

You are a new student from any country outside the United States and will have an F-1 Visa.

If you are still unsure which Steps to Enroll category to pick, please contact us.