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Faculty Senate Chairs and Senators

* Executive Committee Member

Faculty Senate Chair

  • Rick Bullis*

Faculty Senate Chair-Elect

  • Jinger Doe*

Faculty Senate Past Chair

  • Amy Cavanaugh* 

Standing Committee Chairs


  • Allied Health:  Julie McMahon, Rori Wilkis
  • At-Large: Amber Burroughs, Tara Connolly, Ben Davis, Katie Paul 
  • Technical Sciences: Jeremy Coggin, Kelly Oswald
  • Biology: Laura Briggs, Jon Lau
  • Computer Technology: Steve Bale 
  • English: Martha Johnson-Olin, Joe Sanpietro
  • Business, History, Political Science, Law: John Kemp, Dustin Moore
  • Humanities:  Gabriel Chavez, Nancy Faires
  • Math: Frank Amankonah, Lars Jensen
  • Physical Sciences: Dan Loranz, Michael Leonard
  • Social Sciences: Marynia Giren-Navarro, Joylin Namie
  • Visual & Performing Arts: Ron Marston, Ted Owens
  • Part-Time Faculty:  Cara Dopf, Jessikah Kipf