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Faculty Senate Chairs and Senators

* Executive Committee Member

Faculty Senate Chair

  • Anne Flesher*

Faculty Senate Chair-Elect

  • YeVonne Allen*

Faculty Senate Past Chair

  • Mike Holmes*

Standing Committee Chairs


  • Allied Health: Heidi Himler
  • At-Large: Kate Kirkpatrick, Staci Miller, Adine Stormoen, Jose Torres-Jasso
  • Technical Sciences: Sam Byington, Wes Evans
  • Biology: Jinger Doe, Virginia Irintcheva
  • Computer Technology: Steve Bale, Cathy House
  • English: Elizabeth Humphrey, Karen Wikander
  • Business, History, Political Science, Law: Ben Scheible, Fred Lokken
  • Humanities: Elena Atanasiu, Eric Bullis
  • Math: Rebecca McCleary, Becky Porter
  • Physical Science: Ed Corbett, Judy Fredrickson
  • Social Science: Julia Hammett, Paula Reynolds
  • Visual & Performing Arts: Candace Garlock, Ron Marston
  • Part-Time Faculty: Edwin Lyngar, Gwendolyn Clancy (through September)