Professional Employee of the Month

The Professional Employee of the Month Award is given to a full-time professional employee—either academic or administrative faculty—who regularly goes above and beyond for students, co-workers and staff members.
A total of 10 awards—one for each month of the academic school year—will be given each year.

Nominations are collected from employees of the College, and each nominee is considered for the award for three consecutive award months. Recipients of the Professional Employee of the Month Award are able to award one TMCC student a $100 Faculty Senate scholarship.

If you have any questions, please contact the Recognition and Activities Committee chair.

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Nomination Form

Nominate a TMCC professional academic or administrative faculty employee who deserves the recognition of their peers, who goes out of the way to assist TMCC students and colleagues, or who does the extraordinary and exemplifies that special TMCC quality.

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Professional Employees of the Month

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Month Name Department
January Marynia Giren-Navarro Social Sciences
February Laura Vargas Foundation Office
March Natalie Fisher WebCollege
April Johanna Bell Workforce Development
August Paula Farrenkopf


September Michelle Noreen Sciences
October Jeanette Durbin Budget and Planning
November Val Llanos Finance and Administrative Services
December Tamara Anderson WebCollege


Month Name Department
February Lee Raubolt Admissions and Records
March Rain Donohue Adult Basic Education
April Bill Garand Information Technology
May Neil Siegel Library
August Tedi Taylor Specialist, Applied Technologies
September Nicole Scollard Human Resources
October Marcus Ollom Facilities
November Ron Marston Visual and Performing Arts
December Joshua Shinn English


Month Name Department
January Thomas Cardoza Humanities Department
February Nicole Shimabuku Student Life and Development
March Melissa Deadmond Assessment and Planning
April Joan Steinman Retention and Support Services
May Jody Covert Nursing
September Cal Anderson Web Services
October Teresa Golden Facilities


Month Name Department
January John Albrecht President's Office
February Thomas Dobbert Information Technology
March Pat Jarvis WebCollege
April Kate Kirkpatrick Marketing and Communications
May Julie Ellsworth Physical Sciences
August Mike Schulz Emergency Medical Services
September Jeremy Deadmond Information Technology
October Tara Hawkins TMCC Foundation
November Jeannette Smith Financial Aid
December Jennifer Zarco Student Outreach


Month Name Department
January Kathleen Kolbet Physical Sciences
February Melanie Purdy Counseling
March Travis Souza WebCollege
May Tim Ill Marketing and Communications
June Gary Skibinski Auxiliary Services
August Erin Frock Counseling Center
September Gina Schuster Emergency Medical Services
October Lee Raubolt Admissions and Records
November Lisa Farmer President's Office
December Amber Burroughs Student Outreach


Month Name Department
January Brandy Scarnati WebCollege
February Laura Briggs Biology Department
March Frank Testa Information Technology/Media Services
April Dolores Wonder CNA Program
May Bridgett Blaque English Department
June Melissa Deadmond Biology Department
August Chris Dudash Access, Outreach and Recruitment
September Anne Witzleben ESL Department
October Gabriela Brochu Foreign Languages
December Cheryl Scott Institutional Research


Month Name Department
January Michelle Montoya Tutoring and Learning Center
February Amy Williams WDCE
March Beverly Bavaro Web Services
April Erika Bein English Department
May Brian Wells Graphic Communications
June Sidney Sullivan Re-Entry Center
August Maria Arrigotti Math Department
September Nicholas Boschert Financial Aid
October Angela Adlish ESL
December Natalie Russell English Department


Month Name Department
January Tunde Csepelyi Adult Basic Education
February Cal Anderson Web Services
March Karen Cannan Culinary Arts
April John Molt Information Technology
May Dan Loranz Physical Sciences
June Kyle Dalpe Institutional Advancement Office
August Julie Ellsworth Biology Department
September Candace Nicol Art Galleries
October Susan Elbe Financial Aid Office
November Peter Miller Financial Aid Office
December Neil Seigel Library


Month Name Department
January Mariana Meyer Adult Basic Education
February Timothy Ill Public Information Office
March Linda McGillicuddy Dental Assisting
April Katie Dwyer Budget Office
May David LeBaron Emergency Medical Services
June Shanna Rahming Information Technology
July Sarah Carone Child Care Center
August Erin Frock Counseling
September Brandy Scarnati WebCollege
October John Fitzsimmons Library
November Chris Westin Counseling
December Molly Lingenfelter English Department


Month Name Department
January Anne Flesher Tutoring and Learning Center
February Cathy Brewster Professional Development Office
March Melanie Purdy Counseling
April Patty Avila-Porter Counseling
May Fini Dobyns WebCollege/Academic Support Center
June Nancy Faires Humanities Department
July Chris Winslow Information Technology
August Paul Aberasturi Visual and Performing Arts
September Debra Buringrud Financial Aid Office
October Tammy Johnson Media Services
November Thomas Kearns Disability Resource Center
December Thomas Alexander Information Technology


Month Name Department
February Tom Cardoza Humanities Department
March Louis Lawson Information Technology
April Kurt Ehlers Math Department
May Brad Deeds ABE/ESL
August Cheryl Cardoza English Department
September Julia Hammett Anthropology Department
October DeeAnn Jaeger Health Sciences and Safety
November Jim Roderick English Department
December Judy Fredrickson Computer Technologies

Distinguished Faculty

  • 2018
    • Service: Candace Garlock
    • Teaching: Meeghan Gray
  • 2017
    • Service: Julia Hammett
    • Teaching: Olga Katkova
  • 2016
    • Service: Elena Bubnova
    • Teaching: Kathleen Kolbet
  • 2015
    • Service: Ron Marston
    • Teaching: Ana Douglass
  • 2014
    • Service: John Molt
    • Teaching: Bridgett Blaque
  • 2013
    • Service: Brad Summerhill
    • Teaching: Dan Adams
  • 2012
    • Service: Dan Bouweraerts
    • Teaching: Kurt Ehlers
  • 2011
    • Service: Lance Bowen
    • Teaching: Thomas Kies
  • 2010
    • Service: J. Kyle Dalpe
    • Teaching: Paula Farrenkopf
  • 2009
    • Service: Steven Streeper
    • Teaching: Robin Griffin
  • 2008
    • Service: Randall Miller
    • Teaching: Sharon Lowe
  • 2007
    • Service: Dianne Cheseldine
    • Teaching: Rosemary Rinaldi
  • 2006
    • Service: Bridgett Boulton
    • Teaching: Patricia Cullinan
  • 2005
    • Service: Ana Douglass
    • Teaching: John Yarnervich
  • 2004
    • Service*: Cal Anderson
    • Teaching**: Julie Muhle

*The award was called the "Distinguished Faculty Service Award" at this time, and received no monetary award with it.
**The award was called the "Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award" at this time, and received no monetary award with it.