Academic Faculty Performance Evaluations

Annual Plan and Self-Evaluation

Approved by the Faculty Senate May 2023

The Annual Performance Evaluation is intended to give the faculty member and others reviewing the faculty member’s performance a context for understanding the range and robustness of their professional activities in three areas of performance review: teaching effectiveness, professional development, and service to college and community.

The process begins with the completion of the Annual Plan. Employees should submit their proposed Annual Plan using the Annual Performance Evaluation form to their Dean/APC/APD/Director no later than 30 working days from the first day of instruction in the Fall Semester. The Annual Plan sets measurable criteria by which the faculty member notifies their Dean/APC/APD/Director and the administration of their professional intent. There will be general agreement between the faculty member, APC/APD/Director and the Dean or designee concerning the criteria selected within the annual plan, but no approval is necessary for the proposed Annual Plan. Revisions to the Annual Plan can be made up to March 31 with dean approval.

The Self Evaluation will be completed on the same form as the Annual Plan and turned in to the dean in April, per the timeline published on the website for the academic year. When completing the Self Evaluation, faculty should add the appropriate activity multipliers, briefly address each activity completed: specifically, what you did, and if appropriate, what came from it, or how it benefited the College. The Faculty member proposes the final tally and the APC/APD director and dean approve those.

Note: Faculty on Sabbatical will be evaluated based on the fulfillment of duties described in their approved sabbatical request, as agreed upon with dean/director.

Evaluation Timeline

Date Activity
  • The dean's office emails the Annual Performance Evaluation form to individual faculty members with the name, title, department and academic year filled in.
  • Faculty members complete their self-evaluation, stating the outcomes of the activities designated on the annual plan.
  • Specific examples of how each of the criteria have been met for Satisfactory and Commendable/Excellent must be included for each category.
March 31
  • Deadline for faculty to revise their annual evaluations.
By April 3
  • Faculty members email the director/dean the Annual Performance Evaluation form with the self-evaluation portion completed.

Note: It is recommended, but not required, that meetings occur between the faculty member, the chair/director/dean at some point within the following steps.

By April 6
  • The Dean confirms that the activities reported were met.
Prior to the end of Spring Semester
  • Dean will:
    • Add comments
    • Finalize ratings
    • Print and sign the Annual Performance Evaluation forms
    • Obtain signatures of the chair/director and faculty members
By May 1
  • Dean sends signed Evaluation forms to the VPAA's Office for signature.
At the end of the process, the VPAA's Office will forward all completed Annual Performance Evaluation forms to Human Resources.