Recognition and Activities Committee

Meeting Dates

Refer to the Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule.


  1. Organize activities for faculty and staff for the purpose of promoting morale, and creating circumstances whereby faculty and staff can interact.
  2. Recognize professional achievements of academic and administrative faculty.
  3. For the Distinguished Faculty Service Award and the Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award: solicit submissions, establish criteria for submission and evaluation of candidates for the awards. Submit final recommendations to the Offices of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the College President.
  4. For the Professional of the Month Award: solicit nominations, review candidates and select finalists, arrange the presentation of the award for the winners.
  5. Maintain a list of winners of yearly and monthly awards on the website.
  6. Review and make recommendations of other topics as assigned by the Faculty Senate Chair, the Faculty Senate Executive Board, of the Faculty Senate Body.

Do you have an activity you'd like us to promote? Would you like to join us as a member of an event team? If so, please contact the committee chair.

Employee Recognition and Activities


Olga Katkova

Committee Members

Brian Addington, Katrina Bolton, Tara Connolly, Erin Frock, Tommie Guy, Karla Henricksen, Beth Humphrey, Olga Katkova, Shea King, Sandra Martinez, Roxanne Moschetti, Melissa Olsen, Viola Pellissier, Debi Pezzuto, Jaime Sandoval, Sidney Sullivan

Meeting Minutes