Counseling Center

Our knowledgeable counselors are here to help you navigate personal and educational decisions throughout your time at TMCC. Whether you are looking for guidance with a personal crisis or interested in career counseling, our team has the tools to assist you. Take a Free Mental Health Screening Our staff includes professionally trained and skilled counselors with whom you can discuss your concerns, questions, and feelings in a comfortable and trusting environment. Counselors can assist you in making decisions about careers, college readiness, relationships, and other personal issues that can interfere with normal day-to-day life.

  • Make an appointment with a TMCC counselor to discuss and resolve any of your concerns. Regular contact with one of our counselors can help you advance through college more successfully.

Counseling Overview

TMCC's Counseling Center is committed to using its full resources in helping to expand the positive and productive learning environment at TMCC for students, faculty, and administrators alike. Watch this video to learn more about the services offered in the TMCC Counseling Center.