Professional Standards Committee

Meeting Dates

Refer to the Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule.


  1. Recommend the criteria included in instruction and course evaluations, the processes by which they are administered and the uses of those evaluations for all full-time and part-time faculty.
  2. Address policy regarding code, bylaw or contract violations that affect faculty and administration.
  3. Recommend minimum criteria for use in the evaluation of new tenure-track faculty.
  4. Recommend and revise criteria for evaluation of administration.
  5. Recommend and review activities for professional development of faculty (both part-time and full-time).
  6. Oversee the creation of a pool of faculty to be used as members for a Special Hearing Committee (BOR Handbook, Title 2, Ch 6.11.3), or a TMCC Performance Award Review Committee.
    1. The pool of faculty shall consist of not less than 15 faculty members, and should come from a broad spectrum of disciplines and departments on campus.
    2. The pool should contain both academic and administrative faculty.
    3. Faculty in the pool will be obligated for one year to serve on a Performance Award Review Committee or a Special Hearing Committee, should the need arise, and may stay in the pool for consecutive years.
    4. The membership of the pool will be voted on at the first meeting of the Professional Standards Committee in the fall, and confirmed by the Faculty Senate.
    5. Committee members will be chosen from the pool by the Faculty Senate Chair as need dictates.
    6. All information related to work of these committees is confidential personnel information and shall not be disclosed to anyone.
    7. Training for the serving members of the respective committees should be provided by administration.
  7. Review and make recommendations of other topics as assigned by the Faculty Senate Chair, the Faculty Senate Executive Board or the Faculty Senate body.


Karen Wikander

Committee Members

Vickie Abel, Lenaya Andersen, Elena Atanasiu, Tom Cardoza, Kurt Ehlers, Laurel Harrison, Andy Hughes, Lars Jensen, Ted Lambert, Casey Machen,  Linda McGillicuddy, Jim New, Jeff Olsen, Kofi Poku, Cecilia Vigil, Chris Westin, Karen Wikander, Itzel Woolpert