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Graduation Information

Graduation Candidates

The Admissions and Records Office will automatically review your progress toward the completion of your degree for the degree that you have currently declared. We highly recommended that you meet with an Academic Advisor prior to your last semester in order to review your records and ensure all graduation requirements will be met.

You will receive an email (sent to your TMCC and/or personal email address), approximately 4–6 weeks after the beginning of the semester indicating your eligibility to graduate. You will have the opportunity to “opt out” of the auto-grad process if you do NOT wish to receive your degree in the current semester. If you do not receive the auto-grad email and feel that you should be eligible to graduate with your declared degree, please contact Academic Advisement to request a Grad Check appointment.

Note: You do not need to apply for graduation for your declared degree.

Graduation Applicants

The following information is only for students who wish to apply for graduation for a degree other than what he/she declared, OR for students completing in the Summer Semester.

Students who would like to apply to graduate with a degree that is NOT their declared degree, and/or students who will complete the requirements to receive a degree in the Summer Semester, may submit a separate application for graduation for each degree or certificate of achievement they may earn. Students may earn multiple degrees/certificates subsequently or simultaneously, provided that they satisfy the requirements for each degree.

Summer Graduation Applicants: Students who will complete their requirements to graduate and receive their degrees in the Summer session, MUST complete the online graduation application by the April 1 deadline if you want your name and degree information included in the Commencement program.

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Priority Deadlines

If you choose to apply for graduation for a degree that is NOT your declared degree, or if you are a Summer graduate, the deadline dates for submitting online applications are:

  • Fall Semester: November 1
  • Spring Semester: April 1
  • Summer Semester: June 1

Note: If the first of the month falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the following Monday. Applications must be received by April 1 in order for graduates' names to be printed in the Commencement program.

Note: If you currently do not allow public access to your directory information you will need to change this setting in your MyTMCC Student Center in order for your name to be published. 

Skills Certificates

Students do not need to complete a graduation application to receive a Skills Certificate. The Skills Certificate designation will automatically appear on your transcript, below the semester that you completed the requirements to receive it. Diplomas are not generated for Skills Certificates earned and students are not eligible to participate in the Commencement Ceremony.

Residency Requirements

All graduates must have completed a minimum of 15 credits in residence at Truckee Meadows Community College for each associate degree or certificate of achievement pursued (challenge examinations, nontraditional credit, etc. do not count as resident credit).

All graduates must have completed a minimum of 32 credits in residence at Truckee Meadows Community College and 40 credits of upper-level courses for bachelor's degrees (challenge examinations, nontraditional credit, etc. do not count as resident credit).

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Catalog Year

Students may graduate under one of the following catalogs:

  • Matriculation: The catalog in effect the year that a student initially attends a class at TMCC. Workforce Development and Community Education (WDCE) and Career and Technical Education (CTE) College Credit classes do not apply towards initial attendance/enrollment.
  • Degree Declaration: The catalog in effect the year a student officially declares a degree, emphasis or certificate with the Admissions and Records Office.
  • First Offered: If a degree, emphasis or certificate is offered for the first time after a student has matriculated, they may follow the catalog requirements for the year the degree is first offered.
  • Graduation: The catalog in effect the year that a student will graduate. Nursing, Radiologic Technician, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene and Veterinary Technician programs require students to graduate under the course catalog year they were initially accepted into the program. If students interrupt their college studies for more than two consecutive semesters, including Summer sessions, the College encourages them to meet the requirements of the course catalog year under which they will complete the requirements for the degree, emphasis, or certificate.

The catalog selected may not be more than 6 years old for Certificates of Achievement or Associates degrees and 10 years old for Bachelor’s degrees. Students may not use a combination of course catalogs for graduation. Summer session is included in the previous course catalog year, i.e., Summer 2020 would be under the 2019-2020 course catalog. For specific details, please see a TMCC Academic Advisor.


Your primary name will be printed on your diploma. To change your primary name, go to the Admissions and Records documents and forms web page and select "Request to Change Personal Identification Data". Follow the instructions and submit the request and supporting documents by the last day of your graduation semester. Your graduation application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your graduation status in MyTMCC's Communication Center, and to your TMCC email address.

Your diploma will be mailed to the mailing address you have entered in MyTMCC. It is your responsibility to make sure that a current and correct mailing address is listed in your MyTMCC Student Center by the last day of your graduation term.

Neither official transcripts nor diplomas will be released to students who have an outstanding balance at any NSHE institution.

Diplomas are generally mailed 8-10 weeks after the last day of the term; however, your degree will be posted on your transcript as of the time you receive your successful completion notification. The official transcript is the document of record for employment and educational purposes. As soon as your degree has been posted, you may order official transcripts through National Student Clearinghouse.

Diplomas are not ordered for skills certificates (please see Application section, above, for additional information).


All graduating students are encouraged to participate in Commencement exercises held at the close of the Spring Semester each year. At that time, all bachelor's degrees, associate degrees and certificates of achievement are conferred upon Fall, Spring and Summer graduates for the year.

All graduation candidates and applicants for graduation will be sent information on Commencement ceremonies in the Spring Semester.

For more information on graduation, please see the TMCC Steps to Graduate.