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Bachelor's Degrees Offered

Get a Four-Year Degree at TMCC!


Cyber-Physical Manufacturing, BAS

Looking for a fast-paced career in technology? The BAS in Cyber-Physical Manufacturing will train you in the most up-to-date robotics, industrial programming, and networking security.  Here in northern Nevada, advances in automation and robotics have created a huge need for qualified employees interested in careers in manufacturing technologies. In this four-year program, you’ll get hands-on learning in our state-of-the-art Festo Cyber-Physical Factory training facility, and prepare for a growing career field with plenty of job opportunities.

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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene, BS

Becoming a dental hygienist in a busy dental practice or community health clinic is your ticket to a reliable career in the allied health field. Dental hygienists are always in demand in northern Nevada, and this Bachelor of Science degree offers flexibility as you provide patients with excellent dental care and teach them healthy habits. Earning your BSDH degree opens up more job opportunities than the traditional ASDH degree, including teaching opportunities, state jobs, and more.

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Emergency Management and Homeland Security, BAS

The BAS EMHS degree will give you the skills and knowledge to make the world a safer place. Your degree will help you earn a career in emergency planning, technology protection, or in a leadership role for first responders. This unique degree program, which is offered completely online, trains you for a job field that has seen incredible growth over the past two decades.

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Logistics Operations Management, BAS

If you’re interested in business and the way resources are distributed, Logistics Operations Management is the perfect degree program and career for you. Northern Nevada has a sophisticated logistics community and serves as a major business hub with several career fields available. This degree will introduce you to the business of resource management, procurement and transportation, and will help you launch into a profession that can take you anywhere.

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Nursing, RN-BSN

In the nursing field, many jobs—locally and across the country—now require completion of a bachelor’s degree in order to be employed in this competitive field. The new Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science Nursing (RN-BSN) degree presents courses online in short, 8-week blocks to allow you to stay employed and accommodate your life!

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Career and Technical Education (CTE), BAS (Coming Soon)

If you are currently working in a CTE field, and want to move into a management or leadership role, this professional degree program is for you! A bachelor’s degree is often required to be considered for positions as a manager, supervisor, consultant, teacher, trainer, or administrator. With the BAS CTE degree, you’ll gain additional skills in teaching, training, leadership and management that can open the door to career advancement. This degree has been approved by the NSHE Board of Regents and is being developed for a tentative Fall 2022 start date. This date is tentative and updates will be noted here. Please contact Julie Muhle for more information regarding this degree.

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