WebCollege Faculty Advisory Committee


Typically the meetings have been held on the same day as Faculty Senate. If necessary, the committee can meet more frequently or can cancel regular meetings for lack of agenda items.


The mission of the TMCC WebCollege Faculty Advisory Committee is to improve student success through high quality online courses and facilitate sound pedagogical practices through clear and ongoing professional development.


  1. Review and recommend the criteria on guidelines for evaluating web courses.
  2. Review and recommend a basic course navigation structure for web courses based on best practices or existing modules or standards, such as Quality Matters.
  3. Review and recommend best practices for faculty teaching web classes, in the areas of faculty participation, professional development training, ADA accessibility, course assessment, copyright, retention, and other technologies that arise.
  4. Promote increased communication, input and feedback by stakeholders.
  5. Review and make recommendations on faculty standards for online instruction.
  6. Review and make recommendations of other topics as assigned by the Faculty Senate chair, the Faculty Senate Executive Board, or the Faculty Senate body.


Frank Amankonah

Committee Members

Azu Alfaro, Elena Atanasiu, Sameer Bhattarai, Katie Bomberger, Lisa Buehler, Tom Cardoza, Milagros Carreno, Jencie Davies, Paul Davis, Candace Garlock, Robbin Griffin, Kathy Hanselman, Blisin Hestiyas, Heidi Himler, Beth Humphrey, John Hughes, Lars Jensen, Minsung Jung, Julie Kauffman, Jillian Kiefer, James Kuzhippala, James Kuzhippala, Brianne Lee, Ted Lambert, Nathan Lower, Rebecca McCleary, Nancy O’Neal, Alex Orejel Oliva, Ted Owens, Becky Porter, Craig Rodrigue, Brandy Scarnati, Phil Smilanick, Julian Vu, Corina Weidinger, Rachel Wooley

Meeting Minutes