Computer, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences Division

In today’s world, science and math are integral to so many career fields. The Computer, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences Division at TMCC is home to math and science degrees and courses, such as chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering, and other physical sciences like environmental science, and geology to name a few. Quality general education courses will assist you in transferring to a college or university with a broad knowledge of math and science.

TMCC is part of the Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative (CCURI) and offers you numerous opportunities to get involved in scientific research during your early college courses.


Anne Flesher

Administrative Assistant III

Samie Perez
Location: RDMT 324 B
Telephone: 775-673-7180

Degrees and Certificates

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Computer Science and Technology
Chair: Steve Bale

Math Department
Chair: Lars Jensen

Physical Sciences
Chair: Katie Kolbet