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Welcome to the Liberal Arts Division! We are excited to have you learn alongside us!

The Liberal Arts consist of those fields of study we consider fundamental in a 21st-century democracy and interconnected global society and economy. Study in the Liberal Arts helps you to think critically and creatively, to understand broad contexts, to make connections, and to learn new things that enhance the quality of your life.

In the Liberal Arts Division, you will find courses and degrees in Writing, Literature, Speech Communications, Languages, Philosophy, Art & Art History; core Humanities; Graphic Arts; Media Technology, Music, Dance, and Theater.

Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing!

Steve Jobs

Employers consistently say they want people with good communication skills; people with insights into other people’s ways of thinking and behaving; people with empathy for others; people with excellent critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills; and people who are able to make connections between ideas and contexts. All of these skills (and more) you learn in a Liberal Arts degree!

Graduates with such skills overwhelmingly succeed in winning valued promotions in the workplace and even many modern tech companies are headed up by people with Liberal Arts, not STEM degrees!

We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training.

Dr. Loretta Jackson-Hayes, Chemistry Professor


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