Professional Licensure Programs

TMCC Graduates

Colleges and universities are required to be authorized to offer online degree programs in states other than their own. TMCC is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA) which allows us to provide distance education learning programs and courses while maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. This agreement also allows students from participating states to file complaints with the state of Nevada where TMCC is based, rather than their own state of residence. (§600.9 State authorization.) The information below will help provide students with necessary information on professional licensure information. 


Relocating while in a program to another state may have negative impacts to meet the state licensure requirements. If you have recently moved and the address information we have for you is not current, please update your address through MyTMCC

Student Responsibility

Students should review the specific academic requirements for the program in which they are enrolling, including those related to practicum/internship as well as pre-qualifications for licensure such as the need for a criminal background check. We highly recommend that students contact the applicable licensure board(s) in their state of residence or in the state where they intend to obtain a license before beginning an academic program that results in licensure and prior to beginning any internship/practicum. Many licensure boards have additional requirements beyond successful degree completion to obtain a license. 

International Students

Prior to enrolling in any program at TMCC, prospective students living and/or working outside of the United States should confirm with the appropriate certifying agency whether successful completion of any degree program at TMCC will meet the credentialing requirements of the country in which they intend to seek employment, as to certain types of employment or for advanced/specialized educational programs.

Learning Placements

Learning placements (clinical rotations, student teaching, internships, practicums, field studies, etc.) are important parts of many academic programs. While the majority of the placements are located in Nevada some do occur across state lines. In making such placements, TMCC is required to comply with the relevant laws, rules and regulations of the state where the placements are made. Students who enroll in a learning placement outside the state of Nevada must contact their faculty or department for approval.

Professional Licensure

TMCC is required to provide accurate information to out-of-state students relating to its programs/certificates that lead to professional licensure. All of the programs/certificates that TMCC offers meet licensure requirements in the state of Nevada. Please click on your program title below to view detailed information. This will indicate one of the three options: the program/certificate does meet licensure, does not meet the requirements for licensure or the program/certificate requirements are undetermined as defined in 34 CFR §600.2.