Performance Ratings Guidelines

For Tenure Track Instructional Faculty and Committee Members

See Also: NSHE Code on Tenure

Performance ratings are given for two standards: teaching and service. To evaluate and provide feedback to the candidate, Probationary Tenure Reports are written by the tenure committee chair, with the input of committee members. Additional "committee-requested activities," or related activities, should be included that consider the specific needs and recommendations of the department.

The Probationary Tenure Reports should include specific examples illustrating:

Employees should complete the Annual Plan and submit the form to the chair/dean by the first business day after Labor Day. Revisions to the Annual Plan can be made up to March 31 with chair/dean approval.

  • Quality of performance
  • Constructive feedback in areas needing improvement
  • Guidance directed toward candidate's growth

Functions/Scale of Probationary Tenure Reports

Committee Member Expectations

  • Come to a consensus on ratings of the candidate’s performance on teaching and service, using Excellent, Commendable, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory.
  • Rate candidate performance objectively on specific tasks that the faculty member is completing related to teaching, service, and related activities (defined by the committee). These tasks are outlined in the probationary plan and in the summary of related activities and may include:
    • Candidate’s achievements during the semester.
    • Impact on the candidate’s growth, on students, and on the department.
    • Impact on TMCC and NSHE.
    • Impact of teaching as assessed in class observations.
    • Completion of activities from the candidate’s annual plan.
    • Completion of activities tied to the candidate’s specific discipline.