Missed Class Procedure

TMCC Students

In the event a student will be absent from class due to participation/representation in a College sanctioned extracurricular event, the following are the procedures:

  1. If the student will be absent for several days, the student should, where feasible, arrange his or her semester class schedule to minimize absences.
  2. The student must provide to the instructor written approval from the appropriate manager, director, dean or vice president authorizing the student's participation in the event.
  3. No later than the first class meeting, the student must notify the instructor(s) of all dates the student is expected to be absent, and again one week prior to the event. If the instructor is unable to accommodate these absences, they must notify the student by the end of the first week of classes so that the student can find an alternative class.
  4. The student must work with each instructor to turn in assignments and take exams either before or after the absence. The student must be provided with alternate, timely makeup exams, quizzes, or other coursework missed as a result of their participation. Students must not be required to utilize their dropped exam/assignment options to make up work/exams.

See Also: Policy 3531: Missed Class