Guide to Preparing the Summary of Tenure-Related Activities Reports


The following is a guide to preparing your twice-yearly Summary of Tenure-Related Activities report. These reports will help you in submitting your tenure binder in the future. You will simply cut and paste in chronological order from your report into the appropriate sections in your tenure binder.


  • In the Summary of Tenure-Related Activities report, you should report your activities in bullets and short essays. It is your responsibility as a tenure candidate to report all tenure related activities.
  • You should submit your report to your tenure probationary committee and the appropriate administrator such as Dean/Head of administrative unit.
  • If you are unable to address an item on this list and you are using a different activity or criteria, you should provide an explanation. You should also discuss this issue with your dean/dead of the administrative unit and the chair of your tenure probationary committee.
  • Other documents that should be included with this report:
    • Probationary development/department review report (signed by the members of your committee; if you are not able to obtain signatures on probationary development reports, please provide explanation)
    • Peer Observation of Teaching Effectiveness form (note: your peer observation should be completed using the appropriate form)

  1. Introduction
    Write an introductory paragraph or two summarizing your accomplishments during the semester. As your time as a tenure candidate at TMCC gets longer, you may want to increase the number of paragraphs you to describe your accomplishments. This should not exceed two pages.
  2. Summary of teaching load and other assigned duties
    List all the courses you have taught and other assigned duties you have completed. Demonstrate how you have been able to carry out your duties. You may list anything of significance, such as interdisciplinary teaching, team-teaching activity and participation in learning communities. Just provide a highlight of them.
  3. Anything that demonstrates effectiveness as a teacher or other assigned duties
    Give examples of the pedagogy, creativity and innovation that you have used to get through to students. Explain any progress in your teaching that indicates the growth you have experienced during your time at TMCC. If employed as a non-teacher, provide a record of effectiveness, efficiency, and ability to perform assigned duties. Include a short essay.
  4. Use of office hours
    There is no need to list every office hour you have kept. Instead, discuss how effective your office hours have been, your availability to students outside of class-times, your style of instruction in office hours, and the types of services you provide to students during office hours. It is acceptable to keep your comments in this section brief.
  5. Interest and ability in advising students
    If you have done advising of students, this would be the place to include that. You might have done informal advising of students before or after class or might have helped them adapt to college life or to transfer to a 4-year college or university or get a job. Address those issues here. There are opportunities to volunteer to advise for the department or the college. It would be good to list these activities here.
  6. Membership and participation in professional organizations
    This is for academically related professional organizations to which you belong and how you have participated in these organizations: any role you might have played in these organizations.
  7. Demonstrated ability to work with the faculty and students of the institution in the best interests of the academic community and the people it serves
    Speak of your collaboration with TMCC faculty, your work with TMCC students, your contributions to the TMCC community, and your contributions to the NSHE. Here it would be fine to refer to some earlier or later sections where you might have already talked about some of these items. It is acceptable to keep your comments in this section brief.
  8. Service on college or System committees
    List these committees and what you have contributed to or learned from them. Anything that would show leadership on your part would be worth noticing--for example, you led a subcommittee of the committee; you introduced a motion that did something good. The analysis of your accomplishments would be valuable.
  9. Demonstrated recognition among colleagues for possessing integrity and the capacity for further significant intellectual and professional achievement
    Highlight any accolades you may have received from other members of the TMCC community. Summarize the overall tone of the praises you have received and include only a few of the best. It is acceptable to keep your comments in this section brief.
  10. Demonstrated recognition and respect outside the System community for participation in community, state, nationwide or worldwide activities
    Highlight any accolades you may have received from outside of the TMCC community. Perhaps you have received praise for your participation in a professional or service organization. It is acceptable to keep your comments in this section brief. Full letters of support should be saved for your tenure binder.
  11. Professional development
    Describe your involvement in professional development activities. Do comment on your participation in professional organizations, but more importantly, discuss any new attitudes and/or approaches you have incorporated into your teaching as a result of your professional development activities.
  12. Archive of evaluations and reports
    You should keep your reports in a secure file and use them when you compile your binder.
  13. Completion of Required Activities
    Include a narrative of your completion of the Required Activities as outlined in the Faculty Tenure Guidelines. This does not need to be a separate section; rather, include the completion of each requirement in the section that seems most logical.