Part-Time Instructor Evaluations

The teaching performance of Part-Time Instructors shall be evaluated by their supervisor or an appropriate designee during their first teaching semester, and every third year thereafter at a minimum. More frequent evaluations may be conducted at the supervisor’s discretion if performance concerns suggest that additional coaching may be needed.

The evaluation shall be recorded on the appropriate Observation of Teaching Effectiveness form reflecting the modality of the course. The written comments shall include supportive advice aimed at improving effectiveness, as well as referrals to helpful teaching resources, as needed. Both the observer and the instructor shall sign and date the form, and the Department or Program shall keep a scanned copy on file in a secure Division office folder. The form shall be consulted when decisions about promotion, salary, or letter of appointment are made. The form shall also serve to inform accreditors that the college performs regular evaluations of instruction.

Per NSHE Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 42, Subsection 4.c.4: Support for Teaching (Rev 296, June 2021):

“Performance Evaluation. The institutional President or designee shall ensure that each department or unit has in place written procedures for evaluating part-time instructor performance periodically, as defined in institutional procedures. Evaluations shall be kept on record in a personnel or department file and shall be consulted when decisions about promotion, salary, and any subsequent contract or letter of appointment are made.”