Mathematics Department

Math Student and Teacher

The Math department offers math courses for general education to satisfy the AA or AS degree. Our department also offers an AS degree in Mathematics.

If you are pursuing an Associate’s degree in Arts or an Associate’s Degree in Science, you will need to complete a college-level gateway math class in your first two semester. TMCC offers Math 120, Math 124, and Math 126 with a required corequisite support class for students that do not have qualifying scores. See below for qualifying scores. Students that meet the qualifying criteria, can enroll into a stand-alone course without the support class. If you are pursuing an AA, you will need to complete Math 120 or Math 124. If you are pursuing an AS, you will need to complete Math 126 or some programs will accept Math 124. Check the TMCC Catalog to find out which course you need to complete your degree.

The Associates of Science degree in Mathematics a is a general transfer degree program designed for students who are planning to transfer to a baccalaureate-level institution, where you can complete a Bachelor’s degree. This degree will provide you with opportunities for employment upon completion in areas of pure math, applied mathematics, and statistics.

Why Choose Math at TMCC?

The Associate of Science degree in Mathematics at TMCC will set up to seamlessly transfer to any four-year institution. To complete an AS in Mathematics you will need to complete Math 181, Math 182, Math 283, Math 285, Math 295, and we offer Math 330.

College Catalog Information

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