Mathematics Department

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TMCC's Mathematics Department offers courses from beginning algebra past Calculus.

Math classes are offered in a variety of formats to accommodate varying student needs and preferences. Formats for each course are listed in the Class Schedule; however, students should check with the Mathematics Department when in doubt as to the format of a particular class.

  • Lecture: Traditional and/or non-traditional learning/instruction methods may be used (lecture, group work, discovery modules, in-class exercises, question-and-answer sessions, etc.). A lecture math class may include an online component (for example, homework and quizzes).
  • Computer-based: Classes meet in a classroom equipped with computers. Students work with interactive software, completing homework and assessments on the computer. Faculty instruct on an individual and/or small group basis. Access to a computer outside of class time is required in order to complete coursework.
  • Online: Students interact with the instructor and with their classmates online. Course materials are delivered online. Students have the option of taking all tests online if an online proctoring service approved by the instructor is used.
  • Hybrid: Instruction is delivered partly or wholly online, with student attendance on campus required periodically for instruction and/or test-taking.
  • Self-paced labs: Classes meet in a math lab. Students work individually and at their own pace. Homework isn't collected. Students take exams after studying the appropriate sections of the textbook. The instructor helps students on an individual and/or small group basis.