Not Just Ones and Zeros: Data Science

Students analyzing results of data science experiment.
Jared Libby

Technology has imbued its significance into our world, and businesses increasingly use data to analyze its practices, audiences and success. Data drives massive corporations, and the littlest companies, based on the goals of the questions we ask. It informs almost every aspect of our lives, and without someone to make sense of it all, we’d end up falling down the digital rabbit hole. If you’re looking to be the one who provides that level of clarity for the uninitiated, then look no further than the new Associate of Science in Data Science degree program unveiling this Fall 2022.

A Digital Age

There is no one kind of person who is best suited to learn and excel at data science because the skills are so widely varied. They may include math and statistics, computer science, the creation of visual representations, storytelling, communication, and real expertise in whatever topic the data informs.

As the first Associate of Science in Data Science offered in Nevada, its general transfer degree program is intended for students who are planning to transfer to a baccalaureate-level institute, where they can complete a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, it will furnish you with opportunities for employment upon your completion as a Data Analyst. The curriculum includes skills in mathematics, science, data literacy and analysis, programming, and general education.

Anne Flesher, Dean of the Math and Physical Sciences Division at TMCC, helped make this program become a reality.

Flesher says you'll need to be prepared to gain an abundance of skills as a student of the Data Science degree program. Your courses will instruct you on how to apply the appropriate mathematical and scientific principles necessary for Data Science functions, answering questions about how and why processes work. You’ll establish a mastery of the technical basics used to analyze and resolve technology problems. As if that weren’t enough, your newfound knowledge and abilities will help you to develop, interpret, and select appropriate technological processes. When all is said and done, you’ll be able to assist in research, development, design, production, testing and various other objectives associated with Data Science.

Then, in a way that is comprehensible and digestible, you wrap up your analysis with a bow, and circulate that report to your respective organization. “This is an avenue you can take to be a part of something. To help use data to either drive change, or to drive problem-solving,” Flesher remarked.

Possibilities Abound

Students will be pleased to know that there is a spectrum of career opportunities with high earning potential available in the data science field. These are just some of the positions you can look forward to attaining after graduation:

  • Data Architect and Administrator
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Statistician and Mathematician
  • Business IT Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Clinical Data Managers

Even with an attractive income, the true measure of students’ success will be the development of their programming skills and expertise in analytical tools.

There is a serious need for an educated and data-savvy workforce in Nevada. A new generation of data scientists will be vital, providing the Silver State with the certainty its institutions require to make logistical decisions as well as spearhead socio-economic growth. Data scientists often work enthusiastically on projects they are passionate about, too.

It’s often said that you’ll never work a day in your life if you truly love what you do. Students deserve to find themselves a position where they know their efforts are appreciated. Data Science could be that elusive, blissful path that so many search for, but never find.

Technological Takeaways

As technology advances, so too does our ability to interpret it. We live in a digital world, and data science is a field of study that is swiftly expanding to answer the technological questions of today.

For more information regarding the Associate of Science in Data Science degree program at TMCC, contact the Physical Sciences Department.