Administrative Faculty Committee

Meeting Dates

Refer to the Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule.


  1. In collaboration with the At-Large Faculty Senators, represent administrative faculty on issues including, but not limited to, institutional policies and goals, hiring practices, training, compensation, benefits, support services, representation, retention, and evaluations.
  2. Facilitate communication and integration of matters pertaining to administrative faculty with the campus community.
  3. Review and recommend policies and proposals affecting Administrative Faculty before they go to the full senate.
  4. Explore and create events, such as discussion panels and administrative faculty professional development.
  5. Review and make recommendations on other topics as assigned by the Faculty Senate Chair, the Faculty Senate Executive Board, or the Faculty Senate Body.


Ben Davis 

Committee Members

Kyle Cassinelli, Tara Connolly, Maggie Eirenschmalz, Felipe Gutierrez De Alba, Tommie Guy, Ashlyn Herold, Leslie Jia, Kate Kirkpatrick, Jim New, Katie Paul, Cynthia Pierrott, Lana Reeves,  Juana Reynoza-Gomez, Micaela Rubalcava, Jack Sato, Conrad Wong

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Meeting Minutes