Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is also known as the TED (Teaching Environment Design) Committee.


People in Computer Lab.

The TMCC Technology Committee acts as a recommending body for the strategic direction and implementation of information technology within Truckee Meadows Community College. The committee explores technologies which enhance student learning, facilitate instruction and strengthen administrative functions.

The Technology Committee is dedicated to fostering innovation and enhancing the learning environment by collaborating closely with teaching faculty to design, implement, and maintain cutting-edge classroom technologies. A core part of our mission is to empower faculty members to leverage technology effectively in their teaching practices, ultimately enriching the educational experience for students.

About the Committee

The Technology Committee strives to identify, prioritize and advocate for technology needs and services within the College. The Committee considers, reviews and recommends technology plans, projects, policies and procedures for final approval by the President's Planning Council.

Additionally, the committee works collaboratively with teaching faculty to design and create state-of-the-art teaching environments thereby ensuring the best learning experience for our students. Changes to classroom technology require approval by the faculty members who participate in this committee. 


  • Stay current with emerging trends and best practices in educational technology, and explore innovative approaches to classroom design and technology that align with the college's strategic goals and vision.
  • Forge strong partnerships with teaching faculty to understand their needs and challenges regarding classroom technology.
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities, workshops, and training sessions to equip faculty members with the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate technology effectively into their teaching practices.


Cheryl Jones and Fred Lokken


  • Lisha Allison, Student Government Association
  • Cal Anderson, Web Services
  • Dan Bouweraerts, Graphic Arts
  • Laura Briggs, Biology
  • Dallin Crane, Web Services
  • Douglas Dawson, Information Technology
  • Brian Fletcher, Political Science
  • Erik Gonzalez, Information Technology
  • Blisin Hestiyas, Mathematics
  • Timothy Ill, Marketing and Communications
  • Cheryl Jones, Information Technology
  • Olga Katkova, Chemistry
  • James Kuzhippala, Biology
  • Fred Lokken, Business, Political Science, History
  • Kofi Poku, Management
  • Chris Quantrell, Information Technology
  • John Reid, History
  • Sharif Rumjahn, Biology
  • Martin Santos, Information Technology
  • Izumi Shibasaki, Learning Commons
  • Kyle Smith, Automotive Tech
  • Adine Stormoen, Manager, LAP Division
  • Gina True, Information Technology
  • Ygnacio Vazquez-Guzman, Information Technology

Meeting Dates and Times

  • TBD for Fall 2024

Meeting Minutes