Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)


Truckee Meadows Community College has been designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). Members of the TMCC HSI Task Force maintain many efforts for this designation.

What is an HSI?

An Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) is an institution of higher education that:

  1. is an eligible institution;
  2. has an enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students that is at least 25 percent Hispanic students at the end of the award year immediately preceding the date of application; and,
  3. has a federally designated minimum percentage of Pell Grant-eligible students.


With this designation, based on the availability of federal funding, TMCC qualifies to apply for two types of federal funding and grants: Title III and Title V.

HSI Task Force Strategic Plan


Support the mission, values and goals of the College by promoting student access and success and excellence in teaching and learning.


As a sub-committee of the TMCC Diversity Committee, the HSI Task Force’s purpose is to provide strategies, input, and advice on efforts that support Hispanic Student success (including efforts with International Services & ESL) in the following areas: Access, Retention, Hispanic Serving Institution initiatives/compliance/strategies.

The Task Force supports the development and maintenance of a safe, inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment for faculty, staff and students where all members of the College community may thrive personally, academically and professionally.


  1. Identify and advocate for strategies to improve Hispanic student access at TMCC.
  2. Identify and advocate for strategies to improve Hispanic student retention and success at TMCC.
  3. Identify and advocate for strategies to support TMCC in its goal of becoming an eligible Hispanic Serving Institution.


  1. Increase TMCC’s visibility within the Hispanic community.
  2. Increase Hispanic student visibility within TMCC.
  3. Maintain HSI designation status.
  4. Increase Hispanic student enrollment, retention, persistence, completion.
  5. Educate college community on HSI status and cultural competency.


  1. Increase TMCC attendance at local events.
  2. Marketing/outreach material focused on parents/guardians in Spanish.
  3. Workshops and trainings for faculty, staff and students.
  4. Begin transition and education on the term “Latinx”.
  5. Translation of financial aid outreach documents into Spanish.
  6. Continue to offer Adelante Grant to students who are unable to file a FAFSA.
  7. Work with DACA students who could be eligible for Nevada Silver State Opportunity Grant.
  8. Ensure that a Spanish-speaking staff member is available at all financial aid outreach events.


3 year

Committee Composition

Membership on the HSI Task Force is voluntary and strives to include College-wide representation from individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to student, staff and faculty diversity.

Given that the Task Force is a working committee, volunteers are encouraged to consistently attend meetings, engage in discussions and serve on working sub-committees

HSI Task Force Members

  • Angela Adlish, Professor, English
  • YeVonne Allen (Co-Chair), Program Manager, Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability
  • Kaylene Brady, Coordinator, Student Services and Diversity
  • Gabriela Brochu, Professor, Foreign Languages
  • Dr. Natalie Brown, Director, Academic Advisement, Transfer Center and International Student Services
  • Elena Bubnova, Associate Vice President, Institutional Research
  • Yuli Chavez, Program Director, Student Outreach
  • Nayesdi Badillo Delgado, Coordinator, Student Outreach
  • Julie Ellsworth, Dean, Sciences Division
  • Jennifer Garzon, Intructor, Foreign Languages
  • Andy Hughes (Co-Chair), Director Admissions and Records
  • Molly Lingenfelter, Professor, Reading
  • Miguel Martinez, Coordinator, Student Outreach
  • Barbara Painter, Executive Assistant to the VPAA
  • Cynthia Pierrott, Program Director, Adult Basic Education
  • Elisabeth Saldana, Financial Aid Coordinator for Scholarships and Outreach
  • Gretchen Sawyer, Executive Director, Foundation/Institutional Advancement
  • Nicole Shimabuku, Coordinator, Student Life and Development
  • Adine Stormoen, Program Specialist, Veterans Upward Bound
  • Laura Vargas (Co-Chair), Specialist, External Funding and Grants
  • Stephanie Walden, Research Analyst, Institutional Research
  • Anne Witzleben, Professor, College ESL
  • Sharon Wurm, Executive Director of Financial Aid and Student Success


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