Enrollment Management Committee

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan

From September 2016 through February 2017, the Enrollment Management Committee worked on a draft of the Strategic Enrollment Plan to outline major enrollment goals, initiatives and outcomes for the next three years.

The Committee reviewed best practices, studied planning documents from other institutions, as well as existing TMCC's documents. The Committee members leading creation of each section of the plan solicited perspective and input from other members of the community to ensure broader input.

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Overview and History

Strategic enrollment management at TMCC is defined as a comprehensive and coordinated process that enables the college TMCC to identify and achieve enrollment goals that are aligned with its institutional mission, strategic plan, and resources.

TMCC has developed a series of enrollment management plans over the past 10 years. Some of the activities in these plans have been implemented while others have not for a variety of reasons, most notably staffing changes and reduction.

In recent years, the College experienced a decline in enrollment that mirrors a national trend in community college enrollments due to the rebound in the unemployment rate. However, due to state allocation reductions over the past years and a new funding formula based on student completions, the College must strategically review its enrollment management processes to ensure stable enrollment in the future.


The Enrollment Management Committee is a standing committee of the College's Planning Council with faculty, staff and student representation.

 The TMCC President’s Office has oversight of the College’s enrollment management activities; however, enrollment activities span all College departments, and enrollment management is a College-wide initiative that depends on the planning and implementation of each department.


  • Elena Bubnova, Associate Vice President, Research, Marketing and Web Services
  • Michelle Montoya, Coordinator, Tutoring and Learning Center

Committee Members

  • Cal Anderson, Webmaster
  • (TBA) Dean, Liberal Arts Division
  • Yuliana Chavez, Program Director, Access, Outreach and Recruitment
  • Dr. Kyle Dalpe, Dean, Technical Sciences
  • Thomas Dobbert, Director, Information Technology
  • Andy Hughes, Director, Admissions and Records
  • Kate Kirkpatrick, Director, Marketing and Communications Office
  • Rich Williams, Director, Accounting Services
  • Sharon Wurm, Executive Director, Financial Aid
  • Ron Marston, Professor, Graphic Arts
  • Dan Bouweraerts, Professor, Graphic Arts
  • Cheryl Scott, Director, Institutional Research
  • Hirokazu Kishinami, SGA