Student Services and Diversity Council


  • Estella Gutierrez, Vice President of Student Services and Diversity
  • Dr. Joan Steinman, Executive Director of Retention Support Programs
  • Andy Hughes, Director of Admissions and Records
  • Robert Hernandez, Director of Veterans Upward Bound
  • Dr. Natalie Brown, Executive Director, Advising and Access Services
  • Dr. Tina Ruff, Director of Athletics, Health and Wellness
  • Leslie Jia, Director, Financial Aid
  • Kaylene Brady, Student Services and Diversity Coordinator
  • Megan Van, Executive Assistant to the VPSD
  • Tamera Mooney, Student Services and Diversity Administrative Assistant IV
  • YeVonne Allen, Program Manager, Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability
  • Yuliana Chavez, Program Director, Recruitment and Access Center
  • Felipe Gutierrez De Alba, Program Coordinator, Veterans Resource Center
  • Anthony Futia, Program Director, Student Conduct and DRC
  • Nicole Shimabuku, Student Life and Development
  • Sidney Sullivan, Program Manager, Career/Job Preparation
  • Lee Raubolt, Assistant Director, Admissions and Records
  • Amber Burroughs, Program Manager, Access, Recruitment and Access Center
  • Amanda Stibick, Program Manager, International Student Services
  • Cameron Tuttle, Counseling Coordinator
  • Karen Rubio, Jump Start Liaison
  • Michelle Montoya, Coordinator, Tutoring and Learning Center
  • Naomi Okada, Tutoring and Learning Center, Math and Science Coordinator

Meeting Notes