CNA Professional Licensure

Certified Nursing Assistant Skills Certificate Leading to Professional Licensure

Students should review the specific academic requirements for the program in which they are enrolling, including those related to practicum/internship as well as pre-qualifications for licensure such as the need for a criminal background check. We highly recommend that students contact the applicable licensure board(s) in their state of residence or in the state where they intend to obtain a license before beginning an academic program that results in licensure and prior to beginning any internship/practicum. Many licensure boards have additional requirements beyond successful degree completion to obtain a license. 

This information is reviewed for accuracy at least once every year but information will be updated ahead of this schedule if new and specific Program information is officially revealed to TMCC. Program representatives have collected this information and determined its accuracy to the best of their ability.

State Professional Licensure Board Website Eligibility
Alabama Undetermined
Alaska Undetermined
Arizona Undetermined
Arkansas Undetermined
California Undetermined
Colorado Undetermined
Connecticut Undetermined
Delaware Undetermined
Florida Undetermined
Georgia Undetermined
Hawaii Undetermined
Idaho Undetermined
Illinois Undetermined
Indiana Undetermined
Iowa Undetermined
Kansas Undetermined
Kentucky Undetermined
Louisiana Undetermined
Maine Undetermined
Maryland Undetermined
Massachusetts Undetermined
Michigan Undetermined
Minnesota Undetermined
Mississippi Undetermined
Missouri Undetermined
Montana Undetermined
Nebraska Undetermined
Nevada Does Meet
New Hampshire Undetermined
New Jersey Undetermined
New Mexico Undetermined
New York Undetermined
North Carolina Undetermined
North Dakota Undetermined
Ohio Undetermined
Oklahoma Undetermined
Oregon Undetermined
Pennsylvania Undetermined
Rhode Island Undetermined
South Carolina Undetermined
South Dakota Undetermined
Tennessee Undetermined
Texas Undetermined
Utah Undetermined
Vermont Undetermined
Virginia Undetermined
Washington Undetermined
West Virginia Undetermined
Wisconsin Undetermined
Wyoming Undetermined