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Humanities Department

Athens Pillar Structure

Studying humanities allows you to better understand the human condition, especially how people and societies understand themselves and their place in the world.

TMCC's Humanities Department offers courses in many of the subject areas that people have used for thousands of years to process and explain the human experience, including foreign languages, philosophy, and speech communication, as well as classes which cover literature, art, politics, film, music, religion, architecture and history.

Our department also offers courses in American Sign Language.

With award winning faculty, five languages, a wide variety of Humanities and Philosophy courses, AA degrees in Spanish and Philosophy, and a thriving Core Humanities Program that provides small classes and low per-unit costs, we have something to offer just about everyone.

Most of our classes transfer to any NSHE institution, including UNR and UNLV, and any student from any NSHE institution can enroll at TMCC and bring their Millennium Scholarship with them.