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Salary, Benefits and Budget Committee

Meeting Dates

Refer to the Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule

Faculty Senate Travel Deadlines

Deadlines are posted on the Faculty Senate Travel page.


  1. Make recommendations concerning budgetary changes in the event of a financial exigency or other financial issue.
  2. Provide recommendations for the preparation of the college biennium budget including both operating, capital, and enhancement budgets.
  3. Monitor the part-time salary funds accounts and report disbursements to Senate comparing budgeted to actual figures.
  4. Survey the faculty and research issues with salary and benefits such as workload equity, health care benefits, retirement, funding for merit increases, increasing the salary schedules top end ranges as appropriate, and maintaining national and regional salary competitiveness.
  5. Recommend salary proposals for biennial budget requests in order to promote parity with appropriate merit increases and cost of living adjustments (COLAs) within the salary schedules.
  6. Work with the appropriate College-wide committees or personnel to prepare budget requests for COLA and merit increases, retirement, and medical benefits and coordinate these proposals with other colleges of NSHE.
  7. Recommend policy and procedure for granting travel funds and process all requests for travel.
  8. Review the travel budget and report its current state to the Senate.
  9. Oversee the Sabbatical Subcommittee
    1. The Faculty Senate Chair will accept nominations for the Sabbatical Leave Subcommittee Chair up to ten days before the May meeting of the Faculty Senate.
    2. At the May meeting of the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Senate will confirm a Sabbatical Leave Subcommittee Chair. If no one is nominated, the Faculty Senate Chair will appoint a Chair.
    3. The Salary, Benefits, and Budget Committee will constitute a diverse Sabbatical Leave Subcommittee with representation from each division. The composition of the Sabbatical Leave Subcommittee is determined by a vote of the Salary, Benefits, and Budget Committee at the first meeting in the Fall. A simple majority approves the composition.
    4. The Sabbatical Leave Subcommittee Chair will: make announcements about sabbatical leave and create deadlines; call for proposals for sabbatical leave; call and preside over the committee meetings; submit recommended changes to the sabbatical leave application to the Sabbatical Leave Subcommittee for their confirmation; work with the Faculty Senate Administrative Assistant to collect sabbatical applications for evaluation.
    5. The Sabbatical Leave Subcommittee will: evaluate submitted proposals based upon established criteria, and forward their recommendations directly to the President of TMCC. All members of the Sabbatical Subcommittee (including the Chair) shall keep the deliberations of their meetings confidential.
  10. Review and make recommendations of other topics as assigned by the Faculty Senate Chair, the Faculty Senate Executive Board, of the Faculty Senate Body.


Ron Marston

Committee Membership

Amy Cavanaugh, Fred Egenberger, Bill Gallegos, Meeghan Gray, Matt Leathen, Paula Reynolds, Neil Siegel.

Meeting Minutes