Marketing Your Program

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The Marketing and Communications Office supports departments in the creation of promotional materials at no charge to the department. We will design, write, edit and layout copy, photos and graphics. Departments pay for off-campus printing jobs and media buys.

Marketing and Communications reviews all promotional materials to ensure the professional quality of TMCC publications. Brochures, pamphlets, fliers, posters, etc. must be approved by our office prior to printing.

Marketing and Communications can meet with you to discuss options for marketing your program. Please contact us to set up a meeting.

You can do the following on your own and at no cost:

  • Update your program's website.
  • Add information to the TMCC online Events Calendar
  • Submit items for use in the TMCC News & Events student e-newsletter, which goes out on the 1st of each month (items are due to Marketing and Communications by the 25th).

Other items that may be effective, but require more advanced planning and some may have a cost, include:

  • Fliers
  • Handout cards or brochures
  • Oversized signs (require easels): Marketing will print up to two oversized posters at your request; you will be responsible for mounting on foam core and working with Facilities to reserve easels
  • PowerPoint slides (to market to current students in class)
  • Directional Signs (please contact Facilities)
  • External calendars
  • Direct mail (postcards, letters)

Note: our research has shown that TMCC students do not read the posters on College boards.

Social Media

If you have messages to share on the College's social media accounts, please fill out a Project Request Form and we will work with you to post.

In addition, some college departments choose to create and manage their own social media accounts. If you are considering a new account for your department, please submit a Social Media Account Request to get started. For more information about maintaining a departmental social media account, please see our policies and guidelines:

Marketing Videos

Visit our Marketing Videos playlist on YouTube to see TMCC's promotional videos, commercials, highlight reels and more!

Past Marketing Materials

For marketing materials prior to the current advertising campaign, please contact us.