Web Publishing Procedures


Please read the following procedures that correspond to the type of website you'd like to publish:

Administrative Web Pages

An administrative website communicates official information about the services, policies, procedures, requirements or curriculum of the College. Administrative websites include pages for College departments, programs, divisions, academic and administrative offices, online forms, special events, committees, student clubs and official College publications.

All administrative web pages use the standard TMCC website template and are published through the College's enterprise web Content Management System (CMS) for consistency and correctness. (Note: We do not use Google Sites or any 3rd party external service to post or host any TMCC administrative page.) The website template, in its simplest form, provides a standard framework for the development of College pages, and, more importantly, lends to the site's ease of use with consistent navigation tools, layout, background color and text formatting. 

All administrative pages are reviewed before being published and linked from the TMCC website, and are subsequently monitored by Web Services.

Posting an administrative page or website for the first time involves the following steps.