About TMCC's Website

Web Services is committed to staying current with today's rapidly changing standards for design, while maintaining usability and accessibility.

Some of TMCC's website features include:

Responsive Design Illustration Poster

  • Responsive Mobile-friendly Design for a flexible, fluid and better user experience that works well on larger desktops as well as smaller tablets and smart phones.
  • Clean Look and Feel with consistent TMCC branding and color scheme.
  • Expandable Accordion-style Vertical Menus for department navigation (that degrade gracefully).
  • Enhanced Site-wide "Mega Menus" for streamlined global navigation.
  • Carousel-style Rotating Images and headlines for homepage.
  • Current/modern Coding Techniques with heavy usage of CSS 3.0 with some HTML 5 elements (site will be fully HTML 5 ready as that technology progresses).
  • Better tie-ins with Social Media and cloud-based sharing sites, as well as Google Translate for Spanish-speaking audiences.
  • Accessible and Standards-based Code, meeting WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 accessibility guidelines, and more!
  • Improved and Clean content, which offers better readability and SEO.
  • Responsive Images, Photographs and Video.

Tell us what you think about TMCC's website and send some feedback!