Print Services

Business Cards, Envelopes and Stationery

Business cards, stationery and envelopes are ordered online through RenoType (formerly CDMS). Departments will pay for their own stationery through the system.

Need to change your department or division name? Contact HR to update it in Workday.

Business Cards

The TMCC business card template has been designed and approved by the TMCC Marketing and Communications Office.

Name Badges

Name badges can be ordered locally through Award Zone. Send an email to with the name or names for your badges. They have the TMCC logo and specifics for color and type. You will pay when you pick them up at  290 Gentry Way #5, Reno, NV.

Letterhead Designs and Templates

  • Letterhead templates for each of TMCC’s locations are also available on the MCO webpage.
  • Individual names may not be pre-printed on TMCC letterhead or envelopes (with the exceptions of the TMCC President and Vice Presidents, who may have letterhead pre-printed with his/her name in the top right). Offices that send a large number of pieces of mail may choose to special order letterhead with the department name printed just above the site address

Each TMCC department has been assigned a Cost Center consisting of one user (responsible for placing orders), and one approver (responsible for confirming the accuracy of each order). Approval is required to process orders.

Please contact us for special instructions regarding new user initial login or Cost Center setup.

How to Order

Step One: Sign In

Note: The sign-in instructions provided below are for full-time employees only. If applicable, see instructions for part-time employees

  • Sign In to RenoType
    • Username: Your TMCC email address (example:
    • Password: Passwords are case-sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, there is a password reset function on the login page.
  • After you are signed in, click on “Shop” next to the word “Home.”
  • You will see a number of icons for the various items; select the correct item.