Custom TMCC-Branded Product Request

Any item promoting TMCC, such as personalized apparel, promotional bags, drinkware, pens, water bottles, etc., is considered a custom TMCC-branded product. Please select items that are sustainable and that people will use and keep.

  • For specific logo and color requirements, please see our TMCC Brand, Logos and Colors.
  • Approved colors for any product, including clothing, are: Black, Gray (variations, including charcoal), white, clear, PMS 583, or Lime/Neon Green.

Ordering Procedure

  1. Determine product you intend to order.
  2. Fill out and submit the form below to receive initial approval to proceed.
  3. Receive vendor-ready file from Marketing.
  4. Proceed with placing the initial order and receive the vendor proof.
  5. Send vendor proof to for final approval.
  6. Once approved by Marketing, proceed with final order.

Custom TMCC-Branded Products Request Form

Please submit one form per product/item.

Fill out my online form.