Posting Materials at TMCC


Permission may be granted to post materials at a TMCC facility on a space-available basis to students, the public, educational institutions or public service agencies to announce activities and events. Also, if you are interested in scheduling an event at the College, including setting up a table to distribute information, please go to the scheduling website for information.

Before creating materials to be posted, or seeking permission to distribute information, please review Regulations Concerning Off-Campus Organizations.

The content of non-College postings or distribution of information does not reflect the opinion or endorsement of TMCC.

Getting Approval to Post Materials on Public Boards

Where to Go for Approval

All material must be approved for posting at one of the following locations, or electronically.

For TMCC-related postings (TMCC-sponsored events, activities, etc.) approval is obtained from the Marketing and Communications Office.

For non-TMCC related postings (personal, outside agencies, etc.) approval may be obtained from the following:

What is Allowed

Posting on public boards must:

  • Clearly designate a contact name and contact phone number or email address. Note: Use of QR codes must be accompanied by traditional, non-scannable contact information.
  • Be posted on designated public posting boards that are not designated for department use ("Math" or "Chemistry, for example).
  • Not be posted on doors, walls, windows, painted surfaces or within classrooms. Any material posted in unauthorized locations is subject to removal.
  • Be removed by stamped date. Material that is not stamped or remains posted past the stamped date may be removed by College staff.

TMCC permits the posting of materials in languages other than English, provided that:

  • A written or oral translation of the posted material is provided at the time of submission; and,
  • A form verifying the translation is completed at the time of submission by the translator.

What is Not Allowed

Posted material may not:

  • Discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, physical disability, etc.
  • Contain nudity or profanity. Partial nudity is not allowed.
  • Promote violence toward a student, faculty or staff member.
  • Suggest that TMCC endorses the group, meeting, etc.
  • Be from an external political entity.

Multiple copies of the same material may not be posted on the same board or side-by-side boards. Materials are limited to a maximum of 11x17” in size.

TMCC-Related Postings

In addition to the above, all postings by a TMCC entity (clubs, departments, etc.) must contain the following:

  • The TMCC logo, properly used
  • EEO/AA statement
  • Contact information, such as a TMCC phone number or email address. Do not include personal information.