TMCC Brand, Logos and Colors

TMCC Brand Basics

Marketing and Communications encourage all TMCC faculty, staff and students to become Brand Champions whenever they use the TMCC logo. In order to maintain the College’s visual identity, our office oversees branding and all advertising campaigns.


The official TMCC logo contains the “Mountain” and the letters “TMCC” underneath or beside the “Mountain.” Optional are the words “Truckee Meadows Community College” either stacked below the “TMCC” or displayed in one line underneath the “Mountain” and “TMCC” depending on logo orientation. The primary logo for TMCC is the square version with the “Mountain” and “TMCC” only.

The official logo variations are (excluding white/reversed variations):

TMCC Logos

In addition to the official logo variations, multiple limited-use versions may also be used (e.g. anniversary celebration or branding campaign variations). These logos or wordmarks are generally available for employee/staff use, please contact us for more information.

TMCC Special Logos