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TMCC Brand, Logos and Colors

TMCC Brand

Marketing and Communications oversees TMCC's branding and all advertising campaigns.


Logos are available for authorized uses, and must appear prominently on every marketing piece. Marketing and Communications has the responsibility to approve usage. The logo consists of the mountain and letters TMCC, with optional use of the full College name.

The TMCC Logo may only be used by outside entities or organizations with written approval from the Marketing and Communications Office. Unauthorized use is prohibited, please contact us to make a formal request. The TMCC College Catalog also has additional information regarding regulations for off-campus organizations.

The Official TMCC Logos Are:

PMS 583 - TMCC Green

TMCC Logos Green

100% Black

TMCC Logos Black

For a complete guide to logo colors and usages, download the TMCC Logo/Color Spec Sheet.

Please note the following when using the logo:

  • The logo may only by used in light green (PMS 583), black or white. Do not use a tint or percentage of PMS 583.
  • The logo may not appear in any other color without approval in advance from the Marketing and Communications director.
  • The logo must appear on ALL College materials, which must be reviewed through Marketing and Communications prior to production to ensure consistency in use to maintain the integrity of the College's visual identity.
  • Colors appear on your computer monitor differently than they do in print. For an exact color match, please contact us.
  • If you need a logo to fit in a specified space (or pixel count) please contact us.
  • Logos may be resized but not altered in any way, including using only part of the logo. Do not "skew" the logo.