TMCC Lizards Website Style Guide

The following information pertains to only the TMCC Mightly Lizards website ( If you have any questions about the information presented, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office or the TMCC Athletics Department.

Athletics Logos

All of TMCC and TMCC Athletics’ logos must remain unmanipulated and keep original ratios and scaling.

High-resolution logos are available for authorized use from the Athletics Department and the Marketing and Communications Office. (Please do not use the thumbnails on this page.)

1) The TMCC Lizards Logo is the official logo for TMCC Athletics.

TMCC Lizards Logo

2) TMCC Lizards Soccer Logo (versions with both white and black text are available)

TMCC Athletics Logo

3) TMCC Lettering Logo

TMCC Letters Logo

4) TMCC Lizards Shield

TMCC Shield Logo

Athletics Mascot

“Mighty the Lizard” is the official mascot of all TMCC teams, and may be referred to as either “Mighty” or “Mighty the Lizard.”

Like Wizard the Lizard, Mighty is gender neutral and thus should be referred to as “they” or “them.”

Color Palette

See TMCC's Logo/Color Spec Sheet for official usage of TMCC Green (Pantone 583), Black (Pantone Black), and White Color Scheme.

Note: Subheadline gray may also be used in brand communications only.

  • CYMK: 0-0-0-70
  • RGB: 109-110-13
  • HEX: #6d6e71

Image Size/Aspect Ratio

All images uploaded to the TMCC Lizards website to accompany an article, release, recap, etc. must be cropped and resized to the following specifications:

  • Horizontal 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1920x1080 resolution


Can be used to preview article contents in short, one sentence description if desired and appropriate. 

  • Example: For game recap: “Late goals by player X and player Y not enough to lead TMCC to victory”


Used only to credit author(s) 


For the TMCC Athletics website, Arial is TMCC’s default typeface. Changes to type weight, color, and background color are not permitted.

For external-facing brand materials: TMCC Athletics uses Oswald Medium for Subheadings, and the Myriad Pro family (in 100% black only) for body text. Graun may be used in uppercase only for headings if desired. If these fonts are not available, Arial may be used as an alternate.

See Also: Athletics Writing Standards and Common Style Occurrences