Best Practices for Part-Time Faculty

For Part-time Faculty to be effective members of the institution, the TMCC Faculty Senate provides these best practices:

  • Consistent communication with students
    • Have TMCC email on syllabi.
    • Regularly check TMCC email (directly or through proxy).
    • Be available to students outside of the classroom in some type of consistent manner.
  • Ongoing professional development/training
  • Involvement with the department or campus committees, organizations, events, etc.
    • Attend department meetings if available.
    • Participate in department assessment, when appropriate.
    • Have some connection with colleagues or students outside of the classroom.
  • Well-organized syllabi/class plans
    • Follow department and institution guidelines.
    • Use best practices for your discipline.
    • Effectively use the technology available in classrooms.
  • Responsible member of the institution
    • Read and adhere to policies in the Part-time Faculty Handbook.
    • Complete mandatory trainings.
    • Be familiar with the institution.