Instructional Web Space for Faculty Websites

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An instructional, or faculty, Web page is any page that is used for classroom-related purposes. Examples of instructional pages are instructor homepages, online syllabi, homework assignments, etc. All instructional Web pages are placed on the TMCC faculty Web server. Note: Department websites are not considered instructional Web pages.

To open a hosting account on our server, please carefully and completely read the following information below and fill out the account application. This account will give you secure FTP access to 50 MB of space on the server.

FERPA Policy

TMCC is committed to maintaining the privacy of our students and is in total compliance with the Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA). In accordance with this, I agree to ensure that my Web pages do not disclose any personally identifiable information about a student to any third party.

Pages that include student information will be coded so that only the instructor and the specific student can access them.

If I have any questions regarding the terms or definitions of FERPA, I will contact the admissions and records office for clarification prior to publishing a Web page.

See also: Student Release Form

TMCC Information Provider Agreement

I will publish information on TMCC's Web server(s), with this understanding.

  1. I am a faculty member at TMCC.
  2. I am responsible for any/all information I place under my account on the TMCC Web Server.
  3. The Web pages that I create will follow all TMCC publication guidelines.
  4. I will keep my information up-to-date and remove it, when it becomes obsolete, in a timely manner.
  5. I will read my email regularly and respond to questions, suggestions and problems sent by TMCC users.
  6. I will consider that material posted will be visible throughout the Internet, and not post information that is confidential, that violates license rights or other contractual agreements, or violates the privacy rights of any individual.
  7. I will not post copyrighted materials without written permission.
  8. I will not post material that is to be used for commercial purposes or private gain.
  9. I understand that the information I post to the TMCC website may be removed if any policies or guidelines are violated.
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