Faculty Web Page FTP Access


A faculty Web page is used for classroom-related purposes only. Examples of faculty Web pages content include instructor homepages, teaching philosophies, syllabi, links to online classes, office hours, etc.

Web Services recommends using TMCC's Google Sites as a quick and easy solution for creating a Faculty Web page. However, TMCC also offers Web space and secure FTP access for those that wish to publish their own custom HTML pages.

If you have opted for this latter choice, continue reading about how to access and publish to your Web hosting account.

Secure FTP (sFTP) Access

Reminder: The following information is meant only for faculty who are not using Google Sites for their faculty Web pages.

If you already have TMCC faculty website hosting account set up, please read the following information on how to access your account using secure FTP (sFTP). If you don't have a hosting account yet, please first read the TMCC website publishing procedures.

Web Client Access

Once you have been contacted that your Web hosting account has been created, you can publish and access your website files via a secure FTP thin client

Your login credentials to access your account via sFTP are as follows:

Username: Your existing network username AND append @faculty to it (example: jdoe@faculty)
Password: Your existing network password

Once logged on to the sFTP thin client, you can upload and download files easily using a simple Web interface.