TMCC FAQ Writing Guidelines

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Do create FAQs for any questions your department gets asked about repeatedly.

Do write your question as a full and complete question, so it could stand alone on any page and still make sense. For example:

  • Don’t write: "How do I submit my application?" (does not state what application it is or what the subject is)
  • Do write: "How do I submit my nursing application for admission to TMCC?" (this is a more complete question)

Do try to keep your FAQ answers short and to the point. If needed, Web Services can set up a permanent Web page for the topic you are writing about and link to that new page from the FAQ.

Do NOT replicate/duplicate FAQ content. Instead, we can cross link an existing FAQ to your department if it’s relevant. This way, we don’t duplicate content. Always check TMCC's main FAQ page to verify that the FAQ you want to create does not already exist.

Do link to pages where FAQ answers exist, rather than re-type the answer from another page. Remember, you can still have an FAQ question, we just don’t want to replicate/duplicate answer content! For example:

  • If a web page exists that answers your FAQ, simply state that in your FAQ answer, such as: "Please visit the TMCC College Catalog for more information on tuition and fees." (where "tuition and fees" is hyperlinked).

Do NOT list multiple ways to contact a department; just link to a the department's Contact Us page. It's shorter and easier to manage when things change. For example:

  • Don’t write: "For more information, contact Web Services by visiting us on the 3rd floor of the Red Mountain Building on the Dandini Campus, or call 775-673-8276, or email"
  • Do write: "For more information, contact Web Services." (where "Web Services" is hyperlinked to the Contact Us page, which has all the current contact information listed.)

Do NOT write out the actual links in sentences or use "click here" in sentences. Make the subject words the hyperlinks. For example:

  • Don't write: "For more information, go to and click on the documents tab."
  • Don't write: "For more information, click here."
  • Do write: "For more information, visit Web Service's documents page." (where "Web Service's documents page" is hyperlinked.)

Do follow AP style in your writing and use the tips and information from Writing for the Web.