Web Content Responsibilities


The Web Services Office is responsible for the design, development, implementation, maintenance and operations of the College's website and web-based information delivery systems.

  • The ultimate responsibility for TMCC's website(s) and online presence rests with TMCC's Webmaster.
  • Using a web Content Management System (CMS), responsibility for day-to‐day content edits and revisions for many of our administrative pages  lies with an approved web content contributor. In cases where one does not exist, Web Services is responsible.
  • Web Services is responsible for the technical management of the CMS and administration of the College's websites. 
  • Web Services is responsible for CMS training and ensuring compliance with approved/established web standards.
  • Queries regarding all web issues should be addressed to Web Services.


Each College department, division, program or club that has a web presence is expected to designate a single web content provider to oversee their website and liaise with Web Services. The web content provider is responsible for adding, editing and reviewing content for the public website.

To confirm and verify specific writing standards and styles are met, all submitted content is reviewed by Web Services prior to going live.

Department Responsibilities

  1. Departments are expected to take day-to-­day responsibility for their own sites. This entails ensuring that content is current, relevant and accurate, and meets TMCC web standards and guidelines for:
    • Writing style
    • Legal requirements, including copyright permissions
    • Visual content
    • College web usability and accessibility standards
    • Any other essential content requirements
  2. Web Services has produced a series of informative web pages designed to assist web content providers in meeting these guidelines. Web Services also offers ongoing training and support.
  3. Web Services will work closely with departments to help them meet TMCC's web standards and guidelines. In the event that, despite this, serious breaches occur, Web Services may make corrections without prior consultation, although notification of changes will be sent.
  4. Attendance in training courses provided by Web Services is required to access the CMS and become a departmental web content provider.
  5. Web publishers are requested to notify Web Services when maintainers/users of the CMS no longer need access to edit pages.
  6. Any complaints received concerning information published on any College web server should be forwarded to Web Services.
  7. Registered CMS users are not permitted to share their login details with non-­registered users. 

Web Services Responsibilities

  1. Web Services is responsible for the design, development, implementation, maintenance and operations of the College's website and web-based information delivery systems. Web Services is responsible for ensuring that standards are set for usability and accessibility. Web Services will inform departments of global changes to the website, policies, procedures and guidelines, and offer appropriate guidance and support in the implementation of changes as needed.
  2. Web Services has the responsibility for acting on complaints about incorrect, illegal or offensive material on the website. Requests for such material to be removed or changed may be issued, or may be removed by Web Services at their discretion.
  3. Web Services will offer web publishers training via Professional Development courses and will also be on-­hand to assist with inquiries.
  4. Web Services will review all content for compliance to TMCC web standards (accuracy, style, grammar, spelling, etc.). Once reviewed and approved, content will be posted first to a staging server and then to www.tmcc.edu according to a web publishing schedule.
  5. Web Services reserves the right to edit, or decline and return, any content that does not meet TMCC's guidelines and policies regarding web standards and best practices (outlined in the Writing for the Web and training courses).

Content Responsibilities At-A-Glance

Web Services

Web Services oversees the following:

  • Web Content Management System (CMS)
  • Online branding for HTML and PDF content
  • College home page and all key landing pages (Site Index, Students, Departments, Search, etc.)
  • All HTML forms (Wufoo and Custom)
  • Custom pages and applications
  • Staff Directory (people.tmcc.edu)
  • CMS/PDF/Web/Google Sites training
  • Accessibility, usability, Web Standards Compliance
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Google Analytics
  • MyTMCC Guest Page
  • Other

Individual Departments

Day-to-day maintenance of the following pages:

  • All existing department pages with some exceptions
  • PDF forms/documents
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Web Content Contributor CMS Access Request

To become a web content provider for TMCC with account access to the web Content Management System (CMS), please first review the information on this page for policies, responsibilities and requirements. If you are unclear on any aspect of this information, contact us prior to completing this Request Form.

You must be a current, full-time TMCC employee, and your request must be pre-approved by your supervisor/dean/director before submitting the Access Request form. Note that at this time, Web Services allows one web content contributor per department.

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