Student Employment Supervisor Manual

The student employment program at TMCC is an integral part of the daily operation of the College. Your role as supervisor is central to the management and development of one of TMCC’s most valuable resources: our student employees. 

The mission of the TMCC Student Employment Office is to develop and make available an array of practical work experiences to help students earn money to defray educational costs. In so doing, we support supervisors in providing opportunities that will enhance student job skills and prepare students for future employment in their career field.

The major components of the Student Employment Office include: 

  • Administration and awarding of work-study funds
  • Supervisor and employee training
  • Employment assistance and advising to supervisors and students
  • Addressing student and supervisor concerns, complaints, and related matters

The purpose of this manual is to provide supervisors with an overview of student employment programs, policies, and procedures. Our goal is to create policies and procedures that promote the development of employee workplace responsibility while adhering to the federal and state regulations that govern student employees.

Your feedback is essential for our operation and we welcome your recommendations, suggestions, and inquiries about the contents of this manual. Questions about topics not covered in this manual should be referred to the Student Employment Office at 775-674-7669. We are located on the Dandini Campus in the Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Student Employment Office, to the rear of Red Mountain 315 C.

Thank you for your support of our students!