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Hiring a LOA or Student?

All new hires at TMCC need to first complete an application before this form is submitted by the department. Rehires at TMCC do NOT require an application. If you do not have the current links to the job application please contact us. Once the new hire has completed an application online, please complete the form below; this will notify Human Resources and Budget Office and starts the hiring process. Please allow 7-10 business days for Budget and HR review and processing.

New hires and rehires cannot start until a budget review is done and onboarding is complete within Workday. We will contact the person provided below to schedule an onboarding appointment (if applicable).

Note: If you are hiring an employee above 50% FTE or more a Request for LOB Approval for Part-time Employees is also required to be submitted to the TMCC Human Resources Office. (Not applicable for Student Workers.)

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