Financial Aid Academic Progress Policy

All schools participating in federal and state financial aid programs must have a Financial Aid Academic Progress (FAAP) Policy. The policy must be applied to all applicants and recipients of financial aid as a determination of financial aid eligibility.

This policy assesses academic progress for classes taken at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) as well as transfer credits from previously attended institutions. Your academic progress will be assessed when you first apply for financial aid at TMCC and after each semester in which you receive financial aid.

Requirements to Maintain Financial Aid Academic Progress (FAAP)

TMCC Students

There are three components of the Financial Aid Academic Progress Policy that all students seeking financial aid must meet. If you do not meet any one of these three requirements, you may lose your eligibility for financial aid.

  1. Qualitative Component (GPA)
    • In order to meet the qualitative standard for FAAP, you must maintain a cumulative TMCC GPA of 2.0 at TMCC. See GPA Calculator.
  2. Quantitative Component (Completion Ratio/Pace)
    • You must receive passing grades in a minimum of 67% of all cumulative attempted courses. See Course Completion Rate Calculator.
    • Courses dropped during the 100% refund period are not considered attempted courses. Remedial and ESL courses are included in the calculation. Courses receiving grades of W, F, U, I or AD are not considered completed, but are included in the calculation as attempted units. Courses that you receive a grade of S in are considered attempted and completed.   All repeat coursework is counted toward attempted units and you may repeat a class no more than one time, after which you may not receive funding for that class. TMCC EPIC (Educational Programs Inspiring the Community) non-credit courses are not counted. All eligible credits, including transfer credits, are considered whether or not you received financial aid at the time you earned them.
    • You may calculate your completion ratio by dividing your total earned credits by your attempted credits. If it is mathematically impossible for you to finish your program within the maximum time frame, you will become ineligible for aid (you may file an appeal to request continued funding).
  3. Time Frame Component (Maximum Number of Credit Hours Attempted)
    • If you are enrolled in a certificate or degree program at TMCC, you may attempt no more than 150% of credits required for the program. Normally, this is 90 credits for associate degree programs, 180 credits for bachelor's degree programs and 45 credits for certificate programs.

Failure to Meet FAAP Requirements

If you fail to meet the 67% Quantitative Component requirement or failure to meet the minimum 2.0 cumulative TMCC GPA requirement at any time will result in financial aid suspension.