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Print Services

Business Cards, Envelopes and Stationery

Business cards, stationery and envelopes are ordered online through Consolidated Document Management Services (CDMS).

Need to change your department or division name? Contact HR to update it in Workday.

Business Cards

The TMCC business card template has been designed and approved by the TMCC Marketing and Communications Office.

Name Badges

Name badges are printed by Greenbrae Trophy and will be white with black ink only. They can be produced with just a name, or include a title if you prefer. Please contact Greenbrae with the exact wording, and use Title Case or ALL CAPS as you choose. Greenbrae will notify you when your name badge is ready.

Letterhead Designs and Templates

  • Two letterhead designs are available for each of TMCC’s locations, either in black and white or green. Each design has the two-color TMCC logo at the top, left corner and the site address block at the bottom that includes the TMCC EEO statement.
  • Letterhead templates for each of TMCC’s locations are also available via the TMCC Marketing and Communications Office.
  • Individual names may not be pre-printed on TMCC letterhead or envelopes (with the exceptions of the TMCC President and Vice President, who may have letterhead pre-printed with his/her name in the top right).
  • Offices that send a large number of pieces of mail may choose to special order letterhead with the department name printed just above the site address.

Each TMCC department has been assigned a Cost Center consisting of one user (responsible for placing orders), and one verifier (responsible for confirming the accuracy of each order). Verifier approval is required to process orders.

Please contact us for special instructions regarding new user initial login or Cost Center setup.

How to Order

Step One: Log In and Select Template

  • Log in to CDMS
    • Username: Your TMCC email address (example:
    • Password: (user defined)
  • Click on Wizard the Lizard to move to the next screen.
  • Select "product" under "Your Catalog".
  • Select the template for your Cost Center (users with multiple Cost Centers will see more than one option).

Step Two: Read Through the Notes Section

  • Please note the red text at the top of the template screen and review this section carefully.
  • Submission of your orders constitutes final approval of the content.
  • No other proof will be supplied.
  • No refunds.

Step Three: Update History & History Lookup

  • Once an employee’s information has been entered in the template, or the template has been edited, you must click the "Update History" button to save the data for each record.
  • Update History is not an automatic function.
  • Use the "History Lookup" tool to auto-populate the template fields on future orders.
  • You may also edit existing history and save the edited version by using "Update History" after editing.

Step Four: Entering Data for Faculty and Staff

  • The "Name and Credentials", "Additional Credentials" and "Title" fields contain no text formatting.
  • You will need to add capital letters and punctuation as appropriate (e.g., Albert F. Einstein, PhD.).
  • Entries in these fields will automatically center above the green line in the template.
  • There is a limit to the number of characters the Name and Credentials field will accommodate.
  • The "Additional Credentials" field does not wrap from the "Name and Credentials" field.
  • The "Title" field will wrap text to a second line if needed.
  • The finished text automatically centers under the green line printed on the card.

Step Five: Phone and Email

  • You will need to tab or mouse click to each section of the "Phone" fields to enter the numeric data.
  • The "Cell" and "Fax" fields are optional.
  • Enter only the portion of the email address to the left of the "@" symbol in the "Email" field.
  • "” is hardcoded into the template.
  • "Department" and "Location" fields auto populate when selected.
  • "Division" is hard coded and cannot be changed.
  • Use the appropriate dropdown arrows to view and select the available options.
  • Each Cost Center template is limited to authorized department selections only. Please contact us to request changes if they have been changed in Workday.
  • Location selection will auto populate the correct address, building name, city, state and zip code. It will not populate the suite (room) number. You will need to manually enter alpha/numeric characters in the "Suite Number" field.

Step Six: Preview and Preview PDF

  • You must preview your completed card prior to selecting the quantity or moving on to the next step.
  • The preview of your input will appear in the business card image to the right of the template input fields.
  • The image you see in this preview is exactly how the finished card will print.
  • If you make changes to the text in the template, you will need to preview again before you will be permitted to continue.
  • When you are satisfied that the information on the card is correct, click "Update History" to save the record.
  • "Preview PDF" allows for a save file option.
  • You can save this file for your records and/or send it to the recipient for review prior to submitting the order.
  • Please note: you must disable the popup blocker or allow popups, depending on your browser, to use this feature.

Step Seven: Select Quantity

  • There are only two options for quantity selection
    • Select 1: 250 Cards for $20
    • Select 2: 500 Cards for $32 (reduced price of $16 per lot of 250)
  • Your selection will send the order to your shopping cart.
  • You will see red text at the top right of the screen indicating the number of items in your shopping cart.
  • Your screen will revert to the template selections screen.
  • If you have more cards to order for the same cost center, choose the template and repeat the steps above.
  • Some users have multiple Cost Centers. If you have orders for another Cost Center, complete the order for the current Cost Center; then, return to the template selection screen to begin your order(s) for the next Cost Center. Follow the steps you have just completed for the new Cost Center.

Step Eight: Shipping Info

  • The ship method default is "My Cost Center".
  • This selection will show the delivery address for this order.
  • "My Cost Center" displays the user’s delivery address.
  • All orders are shipped to the user to verify receipt of finished product and to distribute to the recipients.
  • If this information is incorrect, please contact us.

Step Nine: View Cart and Checkout

  • "View Cart" to review all business cards for accuracy and completeness.
  • If errors are found, you can delete an individual order(s) by selecting the box and clicking red "x" at the top right of the order information block.
  • You also have the option to edit text at this point; you must re-enter data for faculty or staff member (if saved, use "History Lookup" to auto populate all fields), make corrections and "Update History" to save your revisions.
  • Checkout displays a summary of your order(s).

Step Ten: Order Remarks

Please use the "Order Remarks" section for special instructions, comments and custom orders. No orders will be sent to private addresses.

Step Eleven: Payment Method

  • Credit cards are the only accepted method of payment.

Step Twelve: Submit Order

  • To finalize your credit card order: use the "Continue to Secure Payment" button, or select the "Submit Order" tab, and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Submitting your order will send you to a screen that will allow you to save and/or print your final order.
  • You will receive an email confirming that the order was received by the system.


  • Once a completed order is submitted, an email is sent to the verifier announcing that there is an order waiting for verification.
  • Verifiers have two options in the email:
    • "View Order Confirmation" to display the order detail
    • "Log In to Approve" to access the "Order Approval" screen
  • Either option provides the verifier the opportunity to review all the details of the order for accuracy and completeness.
  • The verifier has the option to accept or reject each individual order by checking the appropriate box to the left of the order detail, providing a comment in the notes section and submitting verifier response.
  • Approval by the verifier initiates the payment process; credit cards are charged after delivery.
  • Reports and Pending Orders: pending orders are located under the "Reports" tab, "Order Tracking". This feature is unique to verifiers; therefore, it only appears on the verifier's report list. Verifiers may use this as an alternate method of reviewing and approving pending orders.

Custom Orders

  • Any deviation from the approved template (such as logos other than the TMCC logo, web addresses, instructions for students, etc.), are considered custom items and can be added to the back of the business card only.
  • Custom requests, such as adding something to the back of business cards, result in an additional cost to the department; contact the vendor directly for pricing and processing instructions. Custom requests are not allowed to the front of the card.
  • Example of pricing to add a custom item to back print:
    • one color, black: $8 for 250 or $10 for 500 (check with vendor for current charges)
    • plus, one-time art preparation charge of $18.75 (check with vendor for current charges)
  • After confirmation of custom order setup and pricing is established, information is then entered in the "Order Remarks" box on the checkout screen.
  • Prior to sending the order to print, an email proof is provided.


  • All orders ship to the TMCC Mail Services mailroom and are delivered via intercampus mail to the user who placed the order. The user verifies receipt and distributes to the recipients.

Emeritus Orders

Full-time faculty and professional staff who attain the rank of emeritus can order business cards with the title "Emeritus" or "Emerita". To order approved business cards:

  • Log in to CDMS.
    • Username: TMCC
    • Password: Emeritus
  • Please note the red text at the top of the template screen and review this section carefully.
  • Required fields:
    • "Emeritus/Emerita" in your title.
    • Email for contact information regarding your order.
  • Personal information and inclusion of prior department and division are optional.
  • Verify all information is accurate before submitting your order. Approval by the verifier will be considered acceptance of the final proof.
  • The following steps use the same processes as faculty/staff.
  • Shipping Options
    • The recipient may elect to pick up their cards at TMCC's mailroom (7000 Dandini Blvd., RDMT 227, Reno, NV 89512, M–F, 9 a.m.–3 p.m.)
    • No orders will be sent to private addresses.
  • Checkout and Special Instructions
    • Emeritus members are responsible for payment of business card orders.
    • Credit cards are the only accepted form of payment.
    • Please use the "Order Remarks" section for special instructions or comments.
    • The President’s Office will verify emeritus status as the final approval.
    • In the event the order is denied, you will be notified via the email provided by you on the business card. This email will include a preview PDF of the edited text for approval by the recipient. A reply email authorizing the updated submission will be required to process the business card order. Edited information is limited to the department, division and emeritus status only.