Student Services and Diversity Complaint Procedure

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The Student Services and Diversity complaint procedure is available to students who wish to have a concern resolved about a TMCC Student Services and Diversity faculty/staff member or general student services or diversity complaint not otherwise addressed by a specific Student Services and Diversity or College policy.

The objective of this procedure is to resolve the student’s concern as quickly and efficiently as possible at the level closest to the student.

Filing a Complaint

Informal Resolution

The student should attempt to resolve the concern directly with the Student Services and Diversity faculty/staff member involved in the issue that raised the student’s concern. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome or not willing to address the issue with the individual, a formal process may be initiated.

Formal Resolution

  • The student must complete and sign a Student Services Complaint form and submit the document to the Vice President of Student Services and Diversity (VPSD) office in RDMT 128.
  • The VPSD will forward the complaint to the appropriate department director for investigation and resolution.
  • The director will initiate the resolution process within ten working days.
  • The director will work with the student to resolve the complaint.
  • Upon resolution, the director will advise the VPSD of the outcome.
  • If the director is unable to resolve the issue, or the student is unsatisfied with the outcome, the complaint will be forwarded to the VPSD for resolution.
  • The VPSD will address the complaint in a reasonable period of time. The resolution of the VPSD is final.

Sexual Harassment/Equal Opportunity Complaint

These issues are referred to the TMCC Human Resources Office for resolution if the complaint(s) involve an employee of Truckee Meadows Community College.

Complaint Against a TMCC Student

To file a complaint against a TMCC student, refer to the Student Conduct Policy.

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