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Resources for All Employees

For TMCC Faculty and Staff

Linked from the TMCC home page, this page has many links and resources for all TMCC faculty and staff, including links to check email, access applications and key documentation.

IT Customer Service

IT Customer Service provides customer service and technical support for internal TMCC computer, telephone or network connectivity issues for our faculty and staff. In addition, we support academic computing, networking, telephony, Media Services (multimedia and Elmo, LCD or slide projector technical problems), and IT software applications and databases.

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services provides copy machines, mail services, vending machines, property inventory control, food services, and manages the bookstore contract.

University Police Department

University Police Department provides emergency assistance as well as a range of services to all employees and students.


Parking is free at all TMCC campuses. However, during high-demand times, parking is limited, so we recommend arriving early to ensure you are not late to class.

Disability Resource Center

The DRC provides equal access to all TMCC activities to qualified students with documented disabilities. The DRC is a resource for employees, and can provide you with knowledge about academic accommodations and assistance with course design for students with disabilities so that you can maximize learning.

Faculty Senate

The TMCC Faculty Senate is the officially-designated organization representing members of the TMCC faculty to assure faculty participation in the formulation of institutional policies and goals, and in their evaluation, in most academic issues and other issues of shared governance at the College and in the NSHE system.

Resources for Teaching Faculty

Student Behavior Policy

The standards of conduct for employees and students are outlined in the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents' Handbook (Title 2, Chapter 6, section 2.2).

Admissions and Records

The Admissions and Records Office is located on the third floor of the Red Mountain Building, room 319 and houses student admission and records information. The grades that you submit at the end of the semester using Grade Roster go to the Admissions and Records Office, and they also issue transcripts and enrollment verifications for your students.

Student Organizations

TMCC students are encouraged to participate in clubs and organizations to enrich their learning experience and involvement, visit the student organizations website to learn more about the opportunities at TMCC.

Academic Calendar

Important academic dates and deadlines for the year are found on the academic calendar.

Learning Commons

Housed in the Elizabeth Sturm Library, the Learning Commons is a welcoming, dynamic space where TMCC students can collaborate or study independently, and access library and tutoring services.

TMCC Bookstore

The college bookstore is located on the Dandini Campus; students can buy textbooks, TMCC branded appeal as well as school supplies and electronics in store and online.